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FormatPC dématérialisé [multi]
Notes sur le supportWindows + Desura
TitreBuild a Greenlight Bundle
Titre(s) alternatif(s)''Beware Planet Earth!'', Salvation Prophecy, I Shall Remain, LA-MULANA, Underrail
Notes sur l'étatGoodies = Soundtracks & albums (Ghosts of Jupiter - Collection, Michael Mavrokefalidis - Private Infiltrator OST, The Diamond Light - The Diamond Light, WVM - The End Is Only The Beginning EP, ComputeHer & 8 Bit Weapon - It's a Chiptune Holiday!, Chill Bump - The Loop, M.O.O.N - MOON EP, Absofacto - [Loners], Helalyn Flowers - Collection, Cheap Dinosaurs - Sampler, Black Math Horseman - Wyllt), démos (Instant Kingdom Driftmoon (Giant Beta Demo), Spicy Horse Games Akaneiro: Demon Hunters (Closed Beta))
Notes sur la marqueLightmare Studio, Firedance Games, Marine Jake, Nigoro, Stygian Software
Date d'achat2013-01-03
Prix d'achat1.78€
Etat d'achatneuf
Notes sur l'achatGroupees store (2.25$)

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