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FormatPC dématérialisé [multi]
Notes sur le supportWindows (King's Bounty, Neo Scavenger, Dreamscape, Stranger's), Mac (King's, Neo), Linux (Neo) + Steam (King's Bounty, Kung Fu, X-Blades, Tropico 3, Stranger's Wrath HD), Desura (Neo Scavenger)
TitreBe Mine 5
Titre(s) alternatif(s)King's Bounty: The Legend, NEO Scavenger, X-Blades, Kung Fu Strike, Tropico 3 - Steam Special Edition, Dreamscape, Stranger's Wrath HD
Notes sur l'étatGoodies = graphic novels (The Sixth Gun V1: Cold Dead Fingers, Sharknife: Stage First, WASTELAND V1: CITIES IN DUST3) + musiques (The Mean Jeans - Party Collection, Disasterpeace - Noon Kids, Look Right Penny - Sampler, Waterflame - Kawairun 2 OST, Chester Endersby Gwazda - Shroud, Rockman - Search & Destroy EP, Josh Money - The Android Factory EP, Lucid Fly - Special Collection, Diminished 7 - Dim World, Sammy Plotkin - World Invasion EP)
Notes sur la marque1C Company, Blue Bottle Games, TopWare Interactive, Digital Tribe Games, Kalypso Media, Aldorlea Games, Oddworld Inhabitants
Date d'achat2012-10-05
Prix d'achat3.96€
Etat d'achatneuf
Notes sur l'achatGroupees store (5$)

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